'Atom' is Shaina's first Belgian Malinois, and her first Mondioring dog. Shaina previously trained IPO with her German Shepherd, but made the switch to Mondioring while working at Dog Dynamix in Colorado the past three years. Atom currently has a BH, MR Brevet and one leg of MR1. When they're not training for Ring, Shaina and 'Atom' train and compete in Rally Obedience and AKC Obedience.  Best of luck Team Atom!

Level 1

Shaina Zimmerman & 'Atom'


Kevin Bain and 'Extra' have had a very successful beginning in their short time together with three fantastic scores over three consecutive weekend at three different fields with three different judges.  Kevin is a very accomplished level 3 decoy and is unique in doing most of his dogs decoy training himself.  Kevin owns his own training company, K9 Foundation, with his wife Lynn, where he focuses on sport, MPD dogs and security K9’s.  Their motto is “Start right, Finish strong”.

Level 1

Kevin Bain & 'Extra'


Michael Ellis has been playing at Mondioring, as a competitor and decoy, for over twenty years, and is thrilled to be back on the field with his dog, Thelonious du Loups du Soleil aka 'Monk'.   'Monk' is the fifth generation of Loups du Soleil breeding, something of which Michael is very proud.

Michael would also like to thank the judges,  decoys, and organizers in advance for all their hard work, and wish all the competitors the best of luck!

Level 1

Michael Ellis & 'Monk'


Brad Hardin and SG Lanzo Van Arne’s Hoeve KKL, IPO3, MR1 (1 leg), owned by Samantha Barnes, are hoping to complete their MR1 title this April in San Diego, California.  'Lanzo' switched from IPO to Mondioring in March, 2018, to show his versatility and clear-headedness.  He and Brad have been training for Mondioring for one year. Brad has been involved with Mondioring as a handler and a decoy for over a decade, and his accomplishments include decoying the 2009 USMRA National Championships, and competing in last year’s National Championships at MR2 with K10’s Kitty Pryde.  Brad serves as the president of RedDirt Ringers, formed with Amanda Hudson in 2014, and operates Southern Warrior K9, LLC in Shawnee, Oklahoma with Jessica Johnson. 

Level 1

Brad Hardin & 'Lanzo'


'Ludacris' is Jake’s second Mondioring dog (Cato MR3). 'Luda' got his 1st leg of MR1 at just over 1 year of age and his second at just over 2 years of age. When 'Luda' is not doing Mondioring he also works in Nosework (NW1) and AKC Obedience (CDX). Jake has been involved in Mondioring since 2009 and has competed at the Worlds in Italy and is also a level 2 decoy and Mondioring Judge.  Jake wants to wish good luck to all the competitors!

Level 1

Jake Schneider & 'Ludacris'


Miko Des Soldats De Krist Ale and OJ will be competing at this years National Championships in level 1.  They will be representing the Santa Clarita Mondioring club!  Good luck OJ and 'Miko'.

Level 1

Otis Knighten (OJ) & 'Miko'


'Bees' and Ali are very excited to be competing in the 2019 USMRA National Competition.  The team have been training with SoCal Mondioring for the past three years with the help of Decoy Trainer Zack Kiser.  Ali and 'Bees' hope to earn the second leg of their Mondioring 1 title at the National Championships.  Good luck Ali and 'Bees'.

Level 1

Ali Plasil & 'Bees'


Zack Kiser - Owner of 'Blaze', 2016 Level 1 USMRA National Champion.  'Blaze' passed away unexpectedly shortly after placing 2nd at FCI Level 1 World Championship in Belgium.  

'Scrappy' spent his early life being a demo dog for Zack's business.  'Scrappy' began his Mondio career after the passing of 'Blaze'.  'Scrappy' and Zack are looking to earn their second leg for a Level 1 title.

Level 1

Zack Kiser & 'Scrappy'


Bio coming soon!

Level 1

Mahogany Gamble & 'Remi'


Bio coming soon!

Level 1

Brian Reynolds & 'George'


'Kāpua' was adopted from North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue and found her outlet in mondioring nearly six years ago.  She and Heather have trialed multiple times in a few different states, including Nationals last year.  'Kāpua' and Heather also enjoy competing in rally obedience and dock diving, enjoy running and hiking together, and share their lives with 6 other Dutch shepherds and one husband on a 45 acre hobby ranch.

Level 1

Heather Ratynski & 'Kapua'


We love MONDIORING. We are here to have a good time, hang out with good friends, and enjoy a great trial!

Level 1

Lisa Lucero & 'Hero'


Bio coming soon!

Level 1

Richard Beezley & 'Tera'


Lynn Fitzgerald and 'Iara' (Iara z Huckelovy vily) completed their level 2 title this January. Lynn became interested in Mondioring after watching videos of 'Iara's sire, Yugo z Huckelovy vily, competing at level 3.  It's pretty exciting to be  getting ready to attempt level 3 with 'Iara' after a lot of false starts and all the mistakes you can make with a first dog! When not competing in Mondioring, 'Iara' dabbles in dock diving, running in road races and doing silly pet tricks.

Level 2

Lynn Fitzgerald & 'Iara'


Anneliese and 'Tanzi' (Tanzi du Loups du Soleil) began training in Mondioring in 2015. They competed for their first time in 2016, finished out their level one in spring 2017 and then took some time time off from competing. They then went on to get their first and second legs of MR2 in October 2018 and January of this year. They have been independent members of the USMRA since 2016 and will be competing for their first time at USMRA Nationals, at Level 2.  Best of luck Team Tanzi!

Level 2

Anneliese & 'Tanzi'


Brad Hardin and K10’s Kitty Pryde, MR1, MR2, born 09/28/2015, are competing at MR2 this April, after just missing the MR2 podiums at last year’s nationals.  Brad has been involved with Mondioring for over a decade.  He began decoying in 2005, and earned his USMRA Decoy Certification in May 2007.  His accomplishments in the suit include decoying the 2009 USMRA National Championships in San Antonio, Texas.  Brad serves as the president of RedDirt Ringers, which he formed with Amanda Hudson in 2014.  Beyond Mondioring, Brad has trained dogs for over twenty years for hunting and protection sports, and operates Southern Warrior K9, LLC in Shawnee, Oklahoma with Jessica Johnson. 

Level 2

Brad Hardin & 'Kitty'


The 2018 USMRA National Level 1 winners and 2018 Team USA World Championships competitors, Lianne and 'Flirty' (M'Flirt de Loucyn) will be stepping on the field this year at Level 2.  Representing Marvel K9 Ringsport Club, best of luck Team 'Flirty'!

Level 2

Lianne Shinton & 'Flirty'

Francois Massart represented the USA - USMRA at the FCI Mondio Ring World Championships in Russia this past year as the Team Leader.  He is the first USMRA decoy to place in the top 3 at the International Decoy Selection, and the first USA decoy to decoy a Mondio Ring World Championships next year in Poland (2019).  He also is Decoy Trainer for Flirty and Finn who competed in Russia at the World Championships.  'Lethal', a 3 year old Belgian Malinois has 2 MR2 legs with some very impressive scores and in addition to competing at this years USMRA National Championships, he will also be representing the USA at the upcoming FMBB competition in the Czech Republic.  Representing Marvel K9 Ringsport Club, best of luck Team 'Lethal'!

Level 2

Francois Massart & 'Lethal'

'Khaleesi' is Jessica's first dog.  After answering an ad in the LA Times she picked the first puppy that didn't growl at her. 'Khaleesi' looked her straight in the eyes and licked her in the face.  Thus, started a partnership filled with adventure including road trips, backpacking and of course Mondioring. They are both very grateful to be part of such a huge supportive family and a disciplined sport. Thank you Team Mondioring for the amazing journey.

Level 3

Jessica Valentine & 'Khaleesi'

4 time World Team Member.  2018 3rd place FCI World Championship. 18 X MR 3

Level 3

Paul Anthony & 'Finn'

'Bos' and I are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  We wish all teams the best of luck and hope for ourselves to have a respectable showing.

Level 3

Todd Dunlap & 'Bos'

'DaVinci' is one of the few survivors of parvo in his litter and for the same reason, he wasn't socialized.  He was 5 months old when Humberto got him and he was a super wild child. 'DaVinci' is the son of the famous Edoc Du Ciel Rouge and Uma Du Loups Du Soleil,  daughter of the famous "Fusil".

'DaVinci' belongs to the small group of dogs titled in the highest level of both French Ring and Mondioring.

In 2014, he was the Mondioring 1 National Champion and in 2015, the Mondioring 2 National Champion.  A few years have gone by yet this super dog still loves to work, compete and be by Humberto's side.  

Level 3

Humberto Bobadilla & 'DaVinci'