Celso Avles has been a Handler in IPO/IGP since 1995 and Mondioring since 1998.

He has participated in 17 World Championships and is a 13 time Portuguese champion. He earned best qualifications in World Championships, 4 place in 2011 and 3 place in teams.

Celso has been a judge in IPO/IGP since 1999 and in Mondioring since 2003.

He was a judge at the World Championship in Slovenia in 2005 and the FMBB in 2017. He has also judged in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Israel, Brasil.

Celso is a Training and Competition Decoy, he was responsible for the International Super Selection from 2007 until 2012.

He has prepared 4 helpers to participate in super selection and 2 of them placed in the final of World championship as decoys.

In addition, Police K9 instructor from 2003 through 2007 of several areas.  From 2007  until 2012, Celso has been an instructor of K9 Swat Teams.

Emma Svensson


Emma Svensson has been training and competing in dog sports since she was 13 years old. The breeds that she has had ranges from miniature and Giant Schnauzer, German Hunting terrier, East Siberian Laika, German Shepherd and several Belgian Malinois.  


Emma started with Mondioring in 2003 with her Malinois female Blackneck’s Xa. She participated in the following competitions: 

Mondioring WC 2007 - 5th place

Mondioring WC 2008 - 12th place

Mondioring WC 2009 - 4th place

Mondioring WC 2010 - 5th place, team bronze 

FMBB 2009+2010

Swedish Championship IPO 2009


Emma's present dog, her Malinois male, Magic van de Berlex-Hoeve I, has participated in the following competitions:

Mondioring WC 2016 MR1 - 2nd place 

FMBB 2017 MR2 - 1st place

Mondioring WC 2017 - 15th place

FMBB 2018 - World Champion 



Emma became a USMRA Mondioring Judge in 2014 and upon moving back to Sweden in 2014 she became a European judge. Emma has judged in Sweden, Philippines, Czech Republic and Israel. 


She feels very honored to come back to the United States and judge the USMRA National Championships. Emma looks forward to a challenging and entertaining competition!