Portugal Decoy

Morgan is someone who people would consider as a “dog lover”. Since his young age, he always lived with dogs and played along them. Keeping up this deep passion. He always had and still have dogs in his family.

Regarding Morgan, he always practiced Martial Arts, essentially Karate (started at 7 years old until today) with a current 1st Dan degree (black belt) and is practicing also different sports regularly.

It would be correct to assume that his love for dog sports was principally influenced by his family and more essentially, his father, Dominique Blanchard., who has an experience of 30 years in the sport (Fr Ring / Pistage / Mondioring) and asked Morgan to join him at some day.

He started practicing in the club as a training decoy, essentially focused on the help (in 2012). Right after it, he started to participate in competitions as a handler and an official national decoy (in 2013).

He competed in local events of the portuguese championship, as well as, since his first year, he got to the finals (thanks to his results in the PT selections).

He has earned:

 Grand Prix of Season 2013/2014 : Level I & II

 Grand Prix of Season 2014/2015 : Level I & II

Wanting to improve as a passioned of the sport and an athlete, he also prepared himself in Belgium and France, with special formations and stages, thanks to the sharing and influence of big personalities of the sport at the time.

After it, he competed in the International Selection of Vendenheim in 2015, where he was able to become International Decoy , and was estimated at the time as “excellent” in frames of the judges of the selection and got a 6th place.

 The following season (2015/2016) in Portugal, he got the Championship / Level III.


 Decoy of the Year 2015/2016.

After it, he founded his own club and “school”, which is called “Dogs & Co – Escola de Cães” with his father and brother in 2016, where he personally trains and coaches all kind of dogs, from day- to-day to competition.

After it, as a decoy he kept competing in all kind of levels.


 Championship 2016/2017 – Level III

 Decoy of the Year 2016/2017

After it, he went to compete abroad a second time in the International Selection of Gorliz, next to Bilbao in Spain in 2017, where he was able to get the 2nd place , with an “excellent” frame, once again. And more particularly, a qualification to the next edition of the World Championship.

Then, in the following year:

 Championship 2017/2018 – Level III

 Decoy of the Year 2017/2018

 World Championship 2017/2018 Moscow (Russia) – Level III

Regarding the sport team that he coaches in Dogs & Co, the tax of succes in the portuguese country is 100%, since all the dogs that are chosen to get in the competition team and that are coached with him, got titled and qualified every year, in all kind of degrees (from the Io to the IIIo), in the Final Championship of Portugal.

Regarding his brother and father’s dogs that he coaches and help a lot, both of them are some of the best in the countries, since that both of them who are from their father’s special breeding of german shepherd working line (Hagic du Clan du Cxian / Hito du Clan du Cxian), got very similar results in 2 following years.

 2016-2017 : Title of MRIII / Qualification to The Final Championship (5th place in the Final, 6th place in the Ranking) / Qualification to the World Championship in Spain.

 2017-2018: Title of MRIII / Qualification to the Final Championship (4th place in the Final, 5th place in the Ranking / Qualification to the World Championship in Russia.

During the following year, Morgan kept training the same dogs and shared his passion, with portuguese Decoys asking some guidance and formations in the country.

“The little Samurai” perfected and improved his record in Portugal, with the best results ever with german shepherd in the sport of Mondioring , such as:

Most titles in MRIII / Most qualifications in Finals in Level IIII / Most qualifications in all kind of Final Championships / Most qualifications in World Championship / Best Ranking ever / Best Championship Ever).

The referred dogs are Hagic du Clan du Cxian (male), Hime du Clan du Cxian (female), Hito du Clan du Cxian (male), Maha de la Coquellerie (female).

But he also trains other dogs who will ingress this season the world of competition (some german shepherds, other belgium shepherds – malinois). And more important than that, he keeps enjoying it, because of what he usually says (#lovethisgame #letshavemorefun). What matters the most to him, is keep the training (cynological sports and other, for preparation), sharing the passion and having some fun.




I am a trainer, handler, and decoy for the sport of Mondioring.


I currently compete with two Belgian Malinois, Tye & Pajr in levels 3 and 2 respectively as a member of West Penn Mondioring Club.


I have been a USMRA Certified decoy since October 29, 2017 completing my levels 1, 2, and 3 certifications. I am a level 3 decoy having passed the 2018 International Decoy Super Selection in Moscow, Russia earning a 9th place finish.


I try my hardest to attend and support as many USMRA trials a year as possible. I look forward to continuing to meet and work with more and more USMRA members and their dogs. 




I have been around dogs most my life and it has become more than a passion of mine. I currently train pet dogs full time and work with a couple ring clubs in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area. I also compete in Mondioring with my Belgian Malinois, Theron.


I was introduced to decoying in 2013, which didn’t take for me to be hooked. I became level 1 certified decoy in August 20th 2015 and then certified at level 2 April 15th 2018 at Mayfield, Ohio Nationals. I have decoyed trials for Rogue Ringsport, Fair Play Mondio, Santa Clarita, West Penn Ringers, Utah Protection Sports, and Motley Crew.


Mondioring is an amazing sport that shows the relationship that we can have with a dog and how we can help them reach their full potential. Nothing is better than seeing that hard work pay off!